Monday, June 27, 2016


Temperature already has reached to almost 45 degrees thoughout India. This year I have decided to try out varities of easy summer recipes which can be made with very common summer ingredients. Cool,delicious and healthy recipes are yet to come. Today I am going to post my second summer recipe after Kulfi, a very simple and easy Mocktail Recipe, very commonly known as Mojito.

Mojito (originated in Havana, Cuba) is a very refreshing citrus drink traditionally consists of 5 ingredients(Rum, Sugar, Water, Mint and lemon juice) with only 5-10% alcohol content. The combination of sweetness, sourness and the mint flavour complement each other. I have excluded Rum here and served the drink as a mocktail.

N.B. Its a very popular/Daily refreshment drink in my household these days :P

Ingredients: for 3 servings:

Mint Leaves: 20 leaves cleaned and washed
Sugar- 1/2 cup
Lemon- 1 (peeled)
Polo peppermint- 2-3balls(avoidable)
Ice (as many as u can)

Procedure: 1) Add Lime peeled lime juice to sugar and Mint leaves.
2) Gently Mash them with a muddler. (I simply took my Wooden Roller which I used to make chapathi :P and also the aluminum dal pressing tool)
3) Add Water and Polo. Mix Well.
4) Keep in Refrigerator and add lots of ice and thin layers of lime while serve.


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