Monday, June 27, 2016

Golbari Style Kasha Mangsho

Among all the diversified meat options around the world, mutton(Goat Meat) is the one which never disappoint a Bengali in spoiling their taste buds. Talking about Mutton I love to go down the memory lane where there is only one clear picture who is my Dida (Grand Mom).
               My grand mom (Father's side) was a great cook. Almost every Sunday she used to prepare mutton for all of us. It was a routine for her which she loved to follow. We were a huge joint family at that point of time. Me and my cousins used to wait the  whole week for Sunday to come so that we could hear whistles of the pressure cooker and would jump to reach her to have a glimpse of the bright red colour cooked mutton. She used to distribute the fats to all of us. No adjective is enough to describe that particular taste . No recipes can replace my dida's mutton kosha. I still miss my dida, her cooking and also those golden days of my life
               After shifting from my home town to Kolkata gradually mutton became Red Meat and off course cooking mutton on Sundays happened to be a rare occasion. Besides dida's mutton, my mom, my Choto kakima(Youngest Paternal Aunt) even my Maternal Aunt (Mamima) also makes delicious mutton KASHA. Shifting to Kolkata made my life totally changed. Change of place compelled me to taste new foods and that was the start of spoiling my taste buds all over again in a different way than before. Kolkata is one of those cities which is famous for wide range of flavoursome dishes besides  architecture, Culture etc. Every foody Bong's one of the most favourite destination is Golabari adjacent to Five point crossing at Shyambajar. It's famous for KASHA MANGSHO or Mutton KASHA. My first visit to Golbari was during my late school life (closely after finishing higher secondary exam) with friends offocourse. We were very enthusiastically thrilled after having KASHA MANGSHO. Cooking was  "not my cup of tea" then. So never bothered about the recipe or any other background discussion rather than enjoying the flavour. But last year again I visited there with my husband and the visit kind of bewitched me to replicate the dish. Research continued for a long long period of time and it ended up few months ago with a close success. Today I am going to share that success story with all my close ones. Try this and let me know how it comes out....

Mutton- 500 gm
Papaya Juice- little less than one cup (Extract juice from papaya removing the skin and put it in mixer- no water to be added)
Onion- one and half (medium size)
Ginger paste- 1 spoon
Garlic Paste- 1 spoon
Dry Red Chilli- 4
Curd- 1/2 cup (well beated)
Mustard Oil-1 cup


Cinnamon- 1" stick-1
Cloves- 2-3
Bay leaf-1-2
Bengali 5 spices(Panch Foron)- 1 small spoon
Salt- to Taste
Kashmiri Red cchilli Powder- 2 tsp
Garam Masala Powder(Bengali)- 1/2 tsp
Cumin(Zeera) Powder- 1 spoon


1. Clean mutton pieces and marinate with Papaya extract overnight in fridge.
2. Take out the mutton from fridge atleast 1/2 hour before cooking.
3. In a deep bottom vessel, heat the mustard oil and add the spices one by one(2 dry red chillis, panch Foron, Curdamom, cinnamon, Cloves,bay leaf). Let it tamper for 1 minute.
4. Fry the sliced onions upto golden brown.
5. Add the marinated mutton and cook for 2 hours(maximum). After 15-30 minutes of frying the mutton colour will start changing into blackish. You have to stir constantly/time to time and take care that it should not stick into the bottom of the vessel. For this take one cup of hot water and add time to time.
Note:In case of medium to large pieces it will take maximum 2 hours(with Lid on) to complete this stage(In my case mutton pieces were small. It took only 45-50 minutes)
6. In the mean time, take another pan, heat oil and cook the ginger paste, garlic paste and dry red chilli paste along with zeera powder until oil comes out.
7. Pour the Cooked ginger garlic zeera and chilli paste to mutton after 2 hours. Mix it well.
8. Beat the curd well along with kasmiri red chilli powder and little water. MIx it with mutton and cook another 15-30 minutes until mutton is soft and oil comes out properly.
10. Lastly sprinkle some garam masala powder all over the mutton and keep the lid on.
11. Serve hot with Paratha/Lachcha Paratha etc.

Waiting for your feedback!!!!


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