Sunday, June 26, 2016

Golden Chicken

Since childhood I have the urge to taste different types of chicken recipes. I can remember the first time my parents took me and my brother to a Chinese restaurant and had Chilli Chicken. That was one of the memorable day of my life as that time going to a restaurant for dinner or lunch was very uncommon and was very expensive too. Still my parents managed to make us happy and offcourse we were on cloud 9. I also remember the day when I first slurped after tasting Chicken Cha(n)p during my college life. It was amazing.
My mom is also a great cook but as she was a dedicated housewife and never got that chance to watch television like we did and also at that time life was not as internet based as now, so her desire of making new recipes were restricted but she used to follow different newspapers or magazines and tried new recipes. Off course I inherited that urge. One funny incident I remember during the first year of my marriage was, I made one chicken and my husband liked it but eventually I forget that recipe. After few months when i again tried that same recipe it didn't came out that well So my husband suggested me to write every recipes then after. I proudly say now a days 'Behind every successful cook there is one foody husband'. 
Golden Chicken is also my self creation. It can be prepared with 'always available' ingredients and takes very less time to cook. Hence very useful for working women. Here it goes-

Ingredients- Chicken-500 gms

Sour Curd- 1 cup

Ginger paste- 1tsp

Garlic paste- 2tsp

Coarsely grained black pepper- 1tsp

Onion (chopped)- 2 medium

Tomato(chopped)- 1 medium

Salt- to taste

Oil- 1 tsp

Procedure: 1) Marinate chicken with curd, ginger paste and half of the garlic paste for half n hour.

2) Heat oil in a pan, tamper black pepper till a nice aroma comes out- 1 minute approx.

3) Fry tomatoes until soft.

4) Add onions and fry until light brown and mixes well with tomatoes.

5) Add rest of the garlic and mix well until the raw smell is gone. You can add 2tsp water if the gravy dries up.

6) Add the marinated chicken and cook until chicken is tender by keeping the lid over the pan.

7) When oil comes out add warm water as per your requirement as per desired consistency of gravy.

8) Cook again for 6-7 minutes until chicken is soft and tender.

9) Golden Chicken is Ready. Serve hot with steamed rice.


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